Barbarella Rides Again

Legendary producer Dino De Laurentiis is bringing sexy back with an updated version of his cult classic, Barbarella. This won’t be a remake nor a sequel but a completely new Barbarella with “love, sex, adventure.” Let the speculation begin!

This could go one of two ways, sexploitation or badass chick. The sexploitation route could be interesting in this day and age. Never before has pop culture been so overly sexualized. A sexploitive Barbarella could be seen as the ultimate expression of today’s pop culture gone wild, a defiant expression that sex can be fun and adventurous and empowering.

The badass chick route would lump the Barbarella with Aeon Flux, Ultraviolet, Resident Evil, and a whole host of other movies featuring hot chicks kicking the shit out of everyone. Ever since Ripley strapped on that exo-loader to go one-on-one with that great big evil bitch of an alien, women have been kicking it like Bruce Lee on the big screen. Adding Barbarella to that legacy could be quite fun.

I would like to see how far De Laurentiis will take his new Babs. Will she push the status quo taking sexploitation to its ultimate end? Will she be a indomitable warrior chick cutting a path for sexy and empowered women? Or will this just stink like poopy diapers.