Katie Holmes Doesn’t Return

Though The Dark Knight will return with Christian Bale in tights, Katie Holmes will not. There are rumors that Emily Blunt will replace Holmes as Rachel Dawes, but no official announcement has been made. Though Holmes’s publicist blames the casting change on a scheduling conflict, it’s easy to speculate that Holmes was in fact dropped due to her marriage to bat shit crazy Tom.

I don’t mind a casting change. I didn’t really think that Katie added much to Batman Begins. Hmm… we need a female to soften up Bruce Wayne’s hard edges. Let’s throw in Katie! Meh.

It’s also been confirmed that Harvey Dent will feature in this sequel. I don’t know that they need another villain. The Joker has to be center stage! Any other big bad will seem wasted as an “also ran” next to the Clown Prince of Crime. I hope that Harvey Dent will stay Harvey Dent throughout the sequel. Perhaps a run-in with the Joker will lead to Dent’s transformation into Two Face. That’d be a perfect way to set up a third flick.