Bridezilla Unveiled

You’ve no doubt seen this by now:

The timing of this video was just perfect. I’m getting married in May and the save-the-date cards I created feature Audrey as Bridezilla rampaging accross Tokyo.


My parent’s and Audrey’s parents have had a great time with this video laughing our asses off and teasing Audrey whenever she brings up wedding planning. Well, it turns out that the video was staged.

I’m somewhat disappointed. For some reason, the thought that there are psychotic brides out in the wilderness prone to loose their shit over something as trivial as a bad hair day (well, trivial in my view) amuses me most greatly. Still, I’m impressed. Thanks to the viral nature of YouTube, these four ladies are now familiar faces to millions of viewers, a great way to jump-start an acting career. I actually prefer this kind of entertainment to regular broadcast. It’s shorter, no commercials, no sponsors, no annoying judges, no shit theme music. Short, quick, to the point, and ball busting funny!