Wanted on the Silver Screen

Mark Millar got to see thirty minutes of footage from the big screen adaptation of his comic Wanted.

This is going to be amazing. Like I trailered yesterday, even Gill’s Mum gave a big Keannu-style WHOA at a sequence between a car chase and a train. I can’t give much in the way of details here, but watching some of the scenes from the book come to life can only be compared to giving birth to a 100 million dollar baby. The opening sequence with The Killer plus boyfriends chasing his would-be assassins across the rooftops is just jaw-dropping. I was honestly pinching myself, worried I was bi-polar and this whole thing was just a wishful hallucination.

March 08 cannot get here fast enough. McAvoy, Freeman and the big star they aren’t telling you about until Summer plus an action director THIS GOOD really is going to be something special. Three months ago my expectations were zero. Now they’re enormous.

I think, perhaps, that I would have a permanent hard-on if anything I ever created was to make it to the big screen. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for Mark Millar to stand up. I have to admit to missing Wanted on the shelves because my comic-buying habits have been scaled back to a few issues every other month or so, but this sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun!