Harry’s Patronus


I kinda feel that if I’m going to post photos of a chick wearing naught but an iPod, I have a moral obligation to also post photos of Daniel Radcliffe doing his best horse impersonation. Although Audrey would prefer it to be Rupert Grint, you gotta give the boy credit. He’s got balls, and you can see them here (NSFW! Seriously, NOT SAFE FOR WORK!), to let his patronus hang out there in the wind for all to see.

Daniel Radcliffe is starring in Equus, a play about 17-year-old Alan Strang who has an unhealthy obession with horses. He is brought to a mental health facility after he is discovered burning horses eyes out with a red-hot metal hoof pick. So the above has some context. The role calls for Radcliffe to appear naked on stage and it appears he’s very comfortable with nudity.

I guess I’m putting this in the Happy Fun Bag tag because I don’t forsee a lot of man wang going around.