Screen Printing

Last year I bought myself a screen printing kit from the art store. I wanted to design my own shirts and I wanted the flexibility to experiment with designs without investing too much money for small runs. The kit is still in the box.

To be quite honest, most of the stuff I make to sell at cons hardly sells. Last year’s Otakon was the first year I actually made some amount of money on something I made. The Hello Ninja and Instant Ninja shirts sold fairly well. My prints have never sold. I still have a large bag of buttons left. The jury is still out on the sketchbooks because I haven’t hit the con circuit with them yet (however, you can purchase one online right now!).

It’s obvious that the shirts do well. I’m interested in printing them myself just to see if I can do it. So I broke out the kit last night and looked around for some help. I’m probably going to start with a revamped version of the Hello Ninja shirts. I’ll try to document my progress as I go along.

I have found some good stuff on the net for screen printing. Artist Shannon Gerard provides No Media Kings with a very helpful screen printing tutorial.

Aesthetic Apparatus screams their way through their screen printing process for their posters.

Little Oscar’s show us how they print their shirts.

And this last bit isn’t very helpful. It’s actually kind of disturbing. You can’t really make running a squeegee sexy.