Gatchaman and Astro Boy in 3D

Imagi Studios, the people responsible for the CG in the new Turtles flick, has posted some concept art for the upcoming CG adaptations of Gatchaman and Astro Boy.


This concept painting looks like a stylized version of the G1. Gatchaman will hit theaters sometime in 2008. No word on wheather or not the Science Ninja Team will be facing off against the giant robot Turtle King of doom.


Mighty Atom looks pretty damn mighty in this shot. Astro Boy will hit theaters sometime in 2009. Wonder why they chose to go with the Japanese name for Gatchaman and not Mighty Atom for Astro Boy.

There aren’t many details on the plot for either of these movies. If they end up being mostly origin movies, that’s not going to be all that interesting. All you need is a quick little paragraph on why the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman was formed and how Astro Boy was created and just go from there. No need to get bogged down on recruitment scenes or construction scenes. If both movies take place sometime after the television series, that opens the door for a lot of interesting possibilities. I expect we’ll get more details on Gatchaman sometime early next year and probably more on Astro Boy after that.

[HJU Discussion]