Creative Suit 3

cs3.jpgGreat, not only do I have to now get a new computer, but I have to also get Photoshop CS3 Extended. CS2 is already my weapon of choice for all my illustration and comic work. Even when I use Illustrator or Flash, if it’s a still graphic, it gets passed through Photoshop. If CS3 was just a “better” Photoshop, I’d pass. I still have friends who use Photoshop 5.5 and besides a few bells and whistles, 5.5 does what CS2 can do if you’re a digital painter.

So then they go and drop this Extended shit. Goodbye money.

Two new features really kick Extended up to notches that Photoshop has yet to see; video layers and 3D object import. CS3 ftw right the fuck there! Everyone already uses Photoshop to texture all their models. Now you can import models into Photoshop and paint directly on the damn things! And now you get to edit and paint video and apply all the layer styles and non-destructive filters you want.

I think I just made a mess in my pants.

Jerks! Why’d they have to make it all so sexy. I’m going to have to hit the local Apple Store when it finally drops to test CS3 Extended on one of them fancy dual cores. Well, money’s meant for spending, right?