E-learning is moving more and more towards simulation. The paradigm is shifting from instructor, in this case software, led training to immersive simulation. The web has really revolutionized the manner in which we learn. It has become a platform in and of itself. No longer are we bound by operating systems or hardware. Now, the web serves as our learning platform. If e-learning is moving towards more simulation-based solutions, you must answer the problem of delivering these solutions via the web. Hypercosm is a huge step forward in solving that problem.

Hypercosm has based their whole business model around providing real-time, web-based, 3D solutions for training. Their engine includes everything you’d want in a real-time 3D environment including collision detection and real physics. You can download their player right now and test drive some of their solutions. In the medical section, you’ll find an arm with a gapping hole and a metal probe. You can use the probe to yank out one of the veins. In the gaming section, you’ll find the good old marble labyrinth. Those damn holes are still just as annoying as the wood version.

Hypercosm has a great deal of potential to shape the new paradigm. The only draw back is that it is operating system specific. Though the plug-in works in both Firefox and IE, you must use a Windows based operating system to install the player. The new Macs can run Windows these days, but it would be nice to see a solution that was free of operating system restrictions. Still, the paradigm is shifting. Thanks to companies like Hypercosm, the future of e-learning looks awful damn bright.