Chen Guokun is Bruce Lee!

chenbrucelee.jpgIf you were to make a Bruce Lee television series you would have to cast Chen Guokun as Bruce Lee. He was the goalie in Shaolin Soccer and the dancing leader of the Axe Gang in Kung Fu Hustle. And in terms of facial expressions and gestures, he’s one of the few who can really capture the essence of Bruce Lee.

Well, that’s just what China Central Television did! Chen Guokun has been cast to play Bruce Lee in the 40-part The Legend of Bruce Lee. The television series will be filmed in Hong Kong and the U.S. The series is due to hit air waves in 2008 to coincide with Beijing’s Olympics.

This is going to be a lot of fun. I hope somebody imports it over here so we can experience the awesomeness of Chen Guokun as Bruce Lee!

[HJU Discussion]