Naked Women’s Wrestling League


When I think Carmen Elektra, oh yeah, I think wrasslin’! Wait what?

In an effort to distract us from all the horrible shit that’s going on these days, Carmen Elektra and 121 Ventures Inc. present the Naked Women’s Wrestling League (NWWL)! Think WWE only with more women who actually do more than just prance around. Say what you want, but unlike the non existent WWE women’s division, these ladies actually throw down. Carmen keeps her clothes on as the ring announcer. I believe she was commissioner at one point as well. So far, they’ve had three pay-per-views that you can purchase from their store.

There’s a NSFW preview if you’re interested. Surprisingly, it’s not that sexual. Besides the naked chicks with enormous Happy Fun Bags, they look like wrasslers throwing each other around.