Jessica Biel’s Spinning Star Kick?

This has to be a solid rumor, but Jessica Biel could be up for the starring role of Chun Li in the new Street Fighter film. Apparently, Keira Knightly and Jessica Alba have already passed. Riiiiiight. Cause Keira Knightly, Jessica Alba, and Jessica Biel are sooooo Asian.

Who gives a shit, right? I mean, if Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, and Gong Li can all play geisha, why can’t Jessica Biel play a Chinese street fighter? Certainly Knightly or Alba or Biel would bring some star power to the role and possibly attract audiences unfamiliar with the source material (although, how can you NOT know about Street Fighter by now). However, a good movie will do that more than a brand name actor. Cast an Asian and give us a great story and you’ll get your audience. Wrap Jessica Biel in a skimpy Ching Chong outfit with a shit story to boot, no one will want to see anything you work on ever again.

The good news is that this new film will be unrelated to that Jean-Claude Van Damme Street Fighter. Blech.

[Via Latino Review, HJU Discussion]