Hermione’s Inflatable Fun Bags


The boobs on the right do not belong to Emma Watson. They were digitally enhanced for a promotional ad that ran on the IMAX website. The boobs on the left belong to Emma Watson and look absolutely fabulous.

Fifteen year old Harry Potter fanboys dream about Emma Watson because of her charming portrayal of Hermione Granger, not her chest size. You really don’t have to boob her all out to attract the boys. They already love her!

Okay, we here at AZM loves boobs as much as the next perv. If a woman wants to enhance them with hyper techno bras that lift and separate and do their taxes or if they want to put bags of water inside their bodies, all the more power to them. Bonus if they decide to share with the rest of us.

However, digital enhancement of Happy Fun Bags in post is neither Happy nor Fun. The woman clearly didn’t feel she needed to enhance herself so don’t go doing it for her! It’s a backhanded way of telling someone their body isn’t good enough to be on a poster. That’s not right. She absolutely gorgeous the way she is. Keep your photoshop in your pants.

They have since taken the enhanced version down which is good and well. Besides, fifteen year old girls can’t get that much growth hormone from burgers, right?

[Via Daily Mail]