Heard ‘Round teh Interwebs…

And it’s another edition of link whoring!

  • Adam Hughes speaks up about his MJ statuette design – The Beat
  • Tim Drake, crime fighter or hawt piece of man candy? – Occasional Superheroine
  • Who says the original G1 Transformers wouldn’t look good all CG’d up for a movie? – Threedy Forums (thanks Lars)
  • Do you want to read an early review of said movie? – Transformers Live Action Movie Blog
  • Igadevil’s Kamen Rider Sigma fanart contest begins! Check out the awesome Kamen prizes – Igadevil’s Kamen Rider Blog
  • Hawk takes over for FredApplegeeks
  • Shawn takes over for Scott – VG Cats
  • Awe hell, Jami and Rob take over for Jon – Goats
  • Zombies take over Balticon! – Dead of Summer
  • Zombies take over the SF Apple Store! Damn! Right after we left, too – Gizmodo
  • Tuberculosis patient defeats Homeland Security. Gee, I sure feel homeland secure, don’t you? – CNN