Chicks Reaaally Dig the Bike

I’ve seen plenty of crotch rockets, but that damn Batpod is fucking redonkulous! Links away!

  • Lookie, another chick “rides” the Batpod. Worst bike design evar – Toys R Evil
  • Steph deserves a memorial display in the Bat cave. She doesn’t have one. Val explain the missed opportunities with the first, and possibly only, Girl WonderOccasional Superheroine
  • Apple wants you to touch itApple
  • New Transformers cartoon? This shit won’t meet my eyes! – Seibertron
  • Life-sized robot goes on a drunken bender – Gizmodo
  • Halo ARG attacks innocent fan in real life – Kotaku
  • By the by, what the fuck is a ARG?