July 2007

First Look at the Incredible Hulk

This is not as cool as the Iron Man footage but here’s a first look at the new green meanie:

It’s a concept shot, but it looks pretty damn close to being finished to me. I’m a bit more skeptical of this film than Shellhead’s, but then again, I’m not a huge Hulk fan to begin with. We’ll see though. It’s pretty tough to resist an Ed Norton flick.

Saw IV Rated NC-17!

The MPAA has given the first cut of Saw IV and NC-17 rating. LOLZ! What kind of seriously fucked up shit have they got in store for us now? I’m betting that they’re going to re-cut it down to an R rating. Although it would almost guarantee my ass in a seat, an NC-17 would almost certainly bring in low opening box office numbers. But if the producers decide to stick with this initial rating, who knows. The Saw franchise has surprised us so far with its popularity. It might just revive the NC-17 rating. Either way, it’s going to make a really fucked up directors cut DVD.

[Via Coming Soon]


Hawk and Dave (okay, make the Dove jokes now) sent this to me separately. And I gotta say, Downey is the fucking man. He’s cocky, smarmy, too smart for his own damn good, and absolutely spot on as Tony Stark.

But who cares! WE GET TO SEE MARK I AND MARK III IN ACTION! Jon Favreau gets mad geek points for getting the rights to play Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” for this footage. OMGZ! This is so fucking awesome! Excuse me for a minute while I geek all over myself and get some clean clothes. Turn your speakers up to 11 and enjoy!

Update: let’s see how long this version lasts!

Joker, the Knife

This next one comes from Torso Boy.


Um… HOLY FUCK ME SHIT! Clearly, Heath Ledger’s Joker doesn’t fuck around. No goofy pranks. No silly gimmicks. No new or improved Joker products. No. This Joker is plain fucked in the head. He’s truly frightening. Man, I can’t wait to see him on the big screen!

Oh yes, the viral site associated with the image is also quite disturbing. I think some of these extra sites are kind of lame, but in this case, the creepy factor wins me over.

[Via Why So Serious]


Reader Devlin pointed me to this nifty piece of concept art:


In my head, I hear Guy-sensei yelling at Stark “DYNAMIC POSE!!!!!!” Ah, the fire of youth.

[Via Kotaku]

Spock to Spock

Young Spock, played by Zachary Quinto, and old ass Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy, will both appear in the next Star Trek movie. Apparently, old ass Kirk just wasn’t interesting enough. Meh.

I’m much more interested in Abrams’ as yet unnamed monster flick that I saw the preview for when I went to see Transformers. He says it’s about time America gets its own Godzilla. Someone mentioned Cthulu and boy oh fucking boy would that just kick so many kinds of tentacley ass!

Boo for Star Trek. Yay for unnamed monster mash!

[Via Variety]

Harry Doujin

harrythumb.jpgLike I really need more projects. I have a really silly idea for a Harry Potter doujin. Who knows, maybe I’ll fit it in somewhere. In the mean time, click the thumbnail to head on over to my sketch blog to see a bigger image.

This con season has made me realize I need to be doing more art for art’s sake so hopefully, I can throw up something at least once a week. I’ve also got to get back to doing my AZM minis. At political cartoon size, I should be able to knock out a few. I just have to make a concerted effort to keep expanding. Listen to me, I sound like some sort of affirmation exercise. Yuck. Ah well.

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