The Veidt Method

When I’m feeling down and low, I turn to my man Andrian Veidt for guidance. The Veidt Method promises to make me a better man:

Welcome to! If you have visited us you are interested in my course, and if you did that, it’s because you think you need a change in your life. A better body? Increased confidence and magnetism? Advanced mental techniques that will help you at home or business? Well, yes we can offer you all these things…but in order to have and enjoy them, there’s got to be a new YOU! More than just a bodybuilding course, the Veidt Method is designed to produce bright and capable young men and women who will be fit to inherit the challenged, promising, and often difficult world that awaits in our future. The course is designed to be easy to read and to understand, and if you follow it through, I can assure you that you and your friends will quickly notice the results as a whole new realm of ability and experience is opened to you. Stay tuned for more updates on what you can expect to find in later updates on this site.

Best wishes and encouragement – Adrian Veidt.

Of course, this is yet another piece of viral marketing. Yeah, I could see Ozymandias trying to sell me a better me. None of the links work yet, but from this initial page, it seems much more in character than Rorschach’s Journal. The Rorschach writing that journal is clearly a fake. He has a blog and a forum. Why would the real Rorschach broadcast his intentions to the entire world? Fake, totally fake.

The viral spread of any media occurs largely by accident. I’m sure the “Numma Numma” kid never intended to become an internet phenomenon and now everyone knows the “Numma Numma” dance. It makes sense that marketing firms would want to tap that kind of viral popularity. It rings false when the big guys attempt to push it out to us. Sony’s viral PSP campaign completely backfired.

Seems to me that viral’s nature is unpredictable, borderline accidental, and cannot be harnessed like traditional marketing schemes.

Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. After all, I linked the fucking thing.

[Via The Veidt Method]