Super Geek Wars: RX-78 vs. Optimus Prime


In the tradition of Super Robot Wars where Bandai pits all of its giant robots against each other in a ginormous orgy of cross-franchise bot-on-bot action, I’m starting a new feature called Super Geek Wars where I pit all sorts of geeky things against each other across all of fandom! Unfortunately, I don’t have the means to create an actual video game where such matches could take place so I’ve added a poll system where you can vote for who you think would win.

Our first battle is the RX-78 Gundam vs. Optimus Prime. For the purposes of the battle, we’re only going consider the RX-78-2 Gundam that features in the Mobile Suit Gundam series and G-1 Optimus Prime. Here’s the rundown:

  • The Gundam is piloted by Amuro Ray whose Newtype powers give him extra sensory perception which leads in turn makes him quite emo. Optimus Prime is piloted by no one, and although he has an electronic brain, there is no indication in any of the episodes or the movie that his robotic mind gives him any mental advantage over humans.
  • On the weaponry side, Gundam is equipped with two vulcan cannons, a beam saber (okay, so I drew two. It only has one in the show), a beam rifle which can take out a Musai class carrier, a beam spear thing, a ball and chain, a big ass shield, and this low friction magnetic paint that makes it wicked fast. Oh, and it’s got boosters which allow it to do Incredible Hulk leaps. Prime has that gun and that laser axe thing in one of his hands. Oh, and he’s got the Autobot Matrix which can light his darkest hour. Wheely doesn’t count cause I’ve never seen Wheely do shit.
  • Amuro will kill a mother fucker. He killed quite a lot of Zeon in his time. Optimus probably has no problem killing Decepticons, though he’d probably spend more time monologueing instead of just shooting the damn thing. He might have a moral dilemma that would prevent him from killing a human. Such a noble boy scout.
  • In terms of leadership, Optimus Prime outshines Amuro by leaps and bounds. Remember, we’re talking Mobile Suit Gundam Amuro, not Char’s Counter Attack Amuro (well, his leadership abilities weren’t the best when he got older). No one commands an army quite like Prime. Not sure what use that is in one-on-one combat, but it’s got to count for something.
  • So, in a no-hold-barred drag down fight, who would win? Let the voting begin!

    Super Geek Wars: RX-78 Gundam vs. Optimus Prime

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    Winner: OPTIMUS PRIME! chunliwin.gif