Alien Predator Hybrid


Dave “Torso Boy” Reimer passed this little guy my way. Going to spoil the end of AVP for those fortunate enough not to have seen it. The Predators bring their fallen companion aboard their ship and leave earth. Camera pans in to our fallen hero and we see the tell-tale chest bulging. Out bursts the cutest little Alien/Predator baby hybrid you ever did see!

This was possibly the best seen in the film. It would have been really cool if AVP 2 brought us to the Predator home world with a pissed off Alien/Predator hybrid running loose. But alas, our sequel brings us to some small town int he Midwest.

Anywho, the folks at 3D Custom Foam thought it would be cool to see a full grown Alien/Predator hybrid so they went ahead and made one. Freaking sweet!

[Via Rope of Solicon]