Super Geek Wars: Tetsuo Shima vs. Darth Vader


Okay, I’ve figured out this poll thing. When I start a new one, the old one deactivates. So you get one week only to vote for your favorite character. Last week’s winner by only two percent was Master Chief! Congrats to all the Halo fans. I must track down someone with a 360 so I can play my brother’s game when it comes out. Halo 3 or bust!

This week we feature two of my absolute favorite villains, Tetsuo Shim and Darth Vader. For battle purposes, I drew Tetsuo with his metal arm just cause it’s cool. But let’s assume for now that he’s in complete control of his powers and won’t giant Gerber Baby out on Vader. Let’s pit him against Episode VI‘s Vader, an older and much more skilled Sith lord than his prequel days. Let’s get it on!

  • Tetsuo Shima’s powers stem from a military program designed to unlock the full potential of the mind. He’s considered almost godlike because of his psychokinetic powers which he uses to destroy pretty much everything and everyone he comes in contact with. Some believe that his powers could be greater than those of Akira who was the first to realize his full psychokinetic potential. Darth Vader uses the Dark Side of the Force. He can Force choke a mother fucker across space. He can sense people’s feelings and when other Jedi are around. He could probably sense Tetsuo acting a fool.
  • In terms of fighting style, not only is Vader excellent with a lightsaber, he’s an accomplished pilot. Tetsuo is a punk ass kid with tremendous powers and not much else. His fighting style is much more raw and uncontrolled than Vader’s Jedi training would allow. This unpredictability might work in his favor. But his lack of experience will certainly detract from his fighting abilities.
  • Tetsuo can fly and can somehow breath in space. Although there’s no evidence from the movies, I’m pretty sure Vader’s gear would allow him to breath in space as well, but he cannot fly. Tetsuo may have an advantage if Vader was land locked. We’ve also never seen Vader use Dark Force lightning. But there’s no telling if Tetsuo’s psychokinesis could block a force choke.
  • Both of them are just evil fucks. Tetsuo has no problem killing a friend, hospital workers, countless soldiers, or innocent bystanders. Vader has slaughtered villages, younglings (yes Padme, the younglings!), and fellow Jedi. Evil evil pricks.
  • As a leader, Tetsuo is completely inept. He has a growing number of followers but only because they’re deathly afraid of him. There’s a fear quality that comes with Vader as well, but he has a commanding presence and knows how to get shit done.
  • It’s the unbound potential of the human mind versus the metachlorian induced Force, psychotic adolescent versus seasoned warlord. Who takes it? Who’s evil ways reign supreme?

    Super Geek Wars: Tetsuo Shima vs. Darth Vader

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