Super Geek Wars: Boba Fett vs. Riddick

Boba Fett vs. Riddick

Last week’s battle of the babes ended with Asuka taking the win with her Eva Unit-02. This week, it’s sexy man on man action.

I hesitate to do this because I fear that anyone in the Star Wars universe will win almost just because of name recognition. But here goes. Boba Fett versus Riddick. Riddick hates mercs and Boba Fett loves the cash. For the purposes of the fight, we’re going to make both of them planet locked, no Slave-1, other transports, or any other vehicle that would give either an advantage. And just to make things interesting, let’s plop them both in a burned out urban setting. That should make the playing field somewhat equal. Let’s see how they stack up.

  • Boba Fett will need Riddick alive or proof of the kill so, and I’ve always wanted to say this, no disintegrations. Still, Boba Fett has all kinds of fun gizmos in his armor, flame throwers, beam weapons, that nifty cable, a rocket or two, grenades, and probably a whole lot more depending on who’s writing the script. That makes things a bit nasty for Riddick who usually only has a blade on him of some kind. As a Furyan, he is bred for war. He can easily use any weapon he comes across. For argument’s sake, let’s say the battle field will have some weapons lying around. But I honestly don’t think he’d need them. Riddick relishes the close kill and would do all he could to close distance with Fett. And since he easily adapts to any environment, it’s going to be difficult for Fett to keep Riddick away even with all his weapons.
  • As far as I can tell, and my information is probably inaccurate, Boba Fett doesn’t do much hand to hand. He’s a sneaky bastard with weapons galore, but I suspect he’s better at shooting a mother fucker than shivving them. Riddick can do both. He can kill at a distance or close up. My guess is that if Riddick can indeed get close, Boba Fett is going to have a tough time. Yes, he’s got the armor, but Riddick has a way of finding weak spots. If Boba Fett manages to keep Riddick at a distance, things could get a bit hairy. I figure at a distance, they are pretty well matched.
  • Both seem to be even tempered and cool under fire. Both are excellent tacticians, able to analyze and adapt to new situations fairly quickly. Neither will be able to rattle the other so psychologically, again they’re both evenly matched. Riddick may be a bit more sadistic, but Boba Fett is probably more cold.
  • Both are loners although Riddick may have a soft spot somewhere. As the movies indicate, he will protect others when he feels attached. He may not be as calculating as Boba Fett. But in a battle field where it’s just the two of them and countless burnt out buildings, Riddick won’t have time to develop a soft spot.
  • It’s the ultimate mercenary versus the ultimate bounty, high tech versus hand to hand. Who takes it? Who’s more of a sick sadistic bastard? Who’s evil reigns supreme?

    Super Geek Wars: Boba Fett vs. Riddick

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