Super Geek Wars: Boba Fett vs. Riddick

Boba Fett vs. Riddick

Last week’s battle of the babes ended with Asuka taking the win with her Eva Unit-02. This week, it’s sexy man on man action.

I hesitate to do this because I fear that anyone in the Star Wars universe will win almost just because of name recognition. But here goes. Boba Fett versus Riddick. Riddick hates mercs and Boba Fett loves the cash. For the purposes of the fight, we’re going to make both of them planet locked, no Slave-1, other transports, or any other vehicle that would give either an advantage. And just to make things interesting, let’s plop them both in a burned out urban setting. That should make the playing field somewhat equal. Let’s see how they stack up.

  • Boba Fett will need Riddick alive or proof of the kill so, and I’ve always wanted to say this, no disintegrations. Still, Boba Fett has all kinds of fun gizmos in his armor, flame throwers, beam weapons, that nifty cable, a rocket or two, grenades, and probably a whole lot more depending on who’s writing the script. That makes things a bit nasty for Riddick who usually only has a blade on him of some kind. As a Furyan, he is bred for war. He can easily use any weapon he comes across. For argument’s sake, let’s say the battle field will have some weapons lying around. But I honestly don’t think he’d need them. Riddick relishes the close kill and would do all he could to close distance with Fett. And since he easily adapts to any environment, it’s going to be difficult for Fett to keep Riddick away even with all his weapons.
  • As far as I can tell, and my information is probably inaccurate, Boba Fett doesn’t do much hand to hand. He’s a sneaky bastard with weapons galore, but I suspect he’s better at shooting a mother fucker than shivving them. Riddick can do both. He can kill at a distance or close up. My guess is that if Riddick can indeed get close, Boba Fett is going to have a tough time. Yes, he’s got the armor, but Riddick has a way of finding weak spots. If Boba Fett manages to keep Riddick at a distance, things could get a bit hairy. I figure at a distance, they are pretty well matched.
  • Both seem to be even tempered and cool under fire. Both are excellent tacticians, able to analyze and adapt to new situations fairly quickly. Neither will be able to rattle the other so psychologically, again they’re both evenly matched. Riddick may be a bit more sadistic, but Boba Fett is probably more cold.
  • Both are loners although Riddick may have a soft spot somewhere. As the movies indicate, he will protect others when he feels attached. He may not be as calculating as Boba Fett. But in a battle field where it’s just the two of them and countless burnt out buildings, Riddick won’t have time to develop a soft spot.
  • It’s the ultimate mercenary versus the ultimate bounty, high tech versus hand to hand. Who takes it? Who’s more of a sick sadistic bastard? Who’s evil reigns supreme?

    Super Geek Wars: Boba Fett vs. Riddick

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    Winner: RIDDICK chunliwin.gif

    • RaZor

      Boba Fett just barely. Fett will use his armor’s 360 vision and amplified hearing to maximum advantage, making it virtually impossible for him to be ambushed.

    • Cbservo

      RIddick, but just barely. Dude’s got cunning up the wazoo, and I think he’s a lot smarter then Boba. Thing is, both are Rediculosly patient- the battle wouldn’t be much of one, it would be the two of them stalking each other until one grabs the other and chokes the life out of him.

    • B.D.

      I can’t vote on this one, being unfamiliar with Riddick, but one thing sticks out for me: Fett can fly, and probably has some kind of flash-bang trick up his sleeve (given his line of work, this isn’t so hard to imagine) – would this be as devastating in a closed, dark space as it sounds?

    • Lurch Kimded

      Bobba, but only just… for the same reasons as RaZor and B.D have already said

    • Tugboat

      Riddick, because he’s used to dealing with high-tech wusses hunting him. The downside to super-hearing and 360 degree vision is that you can get overwhelmed by information coming in. In an urban environment, all the super-jeebus weapons are not as helpful as one might think, and Boba doesn’t have enough firepower to just blast the buildings to shite. (which WOULD be helpful)

      Riddick after a long stalking fight, makes a pisspot out of Boba’s skull, or at least from his helmet.

      (Depends on whether he can take his time, or if he’s really got to pee)

    • Koeryn

      I can see this being a very interesting Stalk-match, but in the end, I think Boba Fett would be the winner, for the reasons mentioned. I think though, that it depends on the ranged weapons Riddick would have access to, I don’t see much short of a 5.56 doing much to Fett’s armor, which is also much more energy resistant then any storm trooper’s I’ve ever seen. “I thought these things were designed to kill us instantly?”

      Still, my vote is with Fett. He’s got a lot of experience in this, he’s handled dangerous cargo before, I don’t see why he’d have too much trouble with handling one more piece of it.

      Though, I believe that a line from the Firefly episode “Objects in Space” would be decidedly apt.

      “You know, with the exception of one deadly and unpredictable midget this girl is the smallest cargo I have ever had to transport and yet by far the most troublesome. Does that seem right to you?” ~Jubel Early

    • cobalt

      two things:

      Boba can fly
      Riddick has that energy blast thing.

      but Boba can fly.

    • buzzlefett

      So close to what I wanted but you replaced Batman with Riddick. Eh. Boba Fett and Riddick are both cold and calculating SOBs. You mention that there is no transportation so I assume you are taking away Boba’s jetpack. However, Boba has wrist cables, a flamethrower, poison darts, a rocket launcher, a blaster and several other wonderful weapons at his disposal. Riddick is very ruthless and probably has a slight edge in hand-to-hand combat but for that reason, Boba Fett would never let him get close. Boba is extremely intelligent and always studies his prey before closing to any distance that he could do anything. Therefore, he would be prepared for whatever Riddick would throw at him. I give my vote to Mandalore.

    • VonKraut

      I voted for Riddick because Boba Fett is the most overated star wars character ever. he’s barely even in the movies and when he is, he gets swallowed up. I’ve never thought he was that great.

    • Kindless

      Wow, Riddick is winning?! I am surprised. Anyway, didn’t Bubba Fett die in the movie?

    • Kenny

      I’m thinkin’ Riddick would just hide out/skulk until nightfall and the use his eyes to get around. Sneak attacks 9sorta just like in the sketch. Riddick wins UNLESS Boba Fett close combat defense

    • CNukemR

      I’m going to have to agree with Buzzle, even though I think Boba is overrated and I don’t personally care for him, he seriously outguns Riddick. Boba fell into a tooth lined pit, and you ASSUMED he died, the books prove otherwise. I’m sure someone more familiar with that can explain further. What makes you think Riddick is going to be allowed ti skulk around till nightfall.. Boba is a skilled hunter.

    • AI_Joe

      If this was with Jango Fett – I would have gone with Jango. Boba is a punk kid who doesn’t know how to put his jet pack on “safety”. He was a disgrace to his father’s armor and the entire clone army.

    • Direwolf

      Wow Jamie, this is a good one.

      Both are experienced. However, Riddick is used to both being stalked and stalking – usually simultaneously. Can’t say I ever remember Fett being hunted (and I’ve read some of the books). And believe me, that is a small bit that can make a big difference psychologically.

      Fett has a jetpack. Great. That may be his greatest tool but also his greatest weakness. One that Riddick would spot the first time Fett used it.

      Riddick is physically superior. He can climb the urban landscape that this is set in. That puts him and Fett at similar altitudes. Every rebar and piece of glass is a weapon. Riddick is the ultimate gorilla warrior and amazing at improvising.

      Mandalorian armor is not foolproof. Yes it can scan 360 degrees, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged or fooled. Fett has frigging antennas sticking off him. Riddick will focus on those. Riddick can camouflage using his surroundings. Fett stands out like a beacon to Riddick’s eyes – he will never be able to hide (aside from the momentary flash grenade).

      Fett has explosives. These are his best bet against Riddick. You can’t really hide from a blast wave.

      It all comes down to their unfamiliarity with each other. Fett has to keep something under his sleeve until the last second and then spring it if he can.

      I say they’re even. This fight goes to the first one who loses concentration.

    • Kiyoshi

      This clearly falls under the “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” category. That’s not fair! Gotta go vote … but I don’t know for which one.

    • BAMikeyD

      As much as I hate to, I need to vote for Riddick. For one, he’s the main character, and as much of a cult fav as Bobba is he’s really expendable :P
      But on a serious note, Riddick can take out just about anything coming at him, so in a one on one situation, Bobba would be screwed. I mean, Riddick would lull Fett into using his favored weapons, get a feel for how Bobba does things then go all out and take him down. So I would say at first it would look like Bobba Fett had it in the bag, and then his hubris would take over, and Riddick would take him down. Fett’s cocky and Riddick knows how to exploit that factor to make this a clean win.

      This is more of what I would have like to see though:

    • BAMikeyD

      Dang it didn’t post the picture.

      It’s a pick of Dead Pool and Bobba Fett having it out.

    • Jack T Robyn

      I just wanna *see* this fight.

    • Journ-O-LST-3

      Riddick. Lokking at Bobba’s track record:
      Bushwacked by Tag and Bink on Yavin.
      Has to be told that dust isn’t an accptable form of proof of kill.
      On Cloud City he can’t hit a more or less unaware Luke.
      Sells Han to Jabba (Empire nabbed Han, not him)
      In the desert, a blind guy hits him.
      Despite having a jetpack, he falls into the death pit anyway, screaming like a little girl.
      As for armor, so what, everyone knows that the Star Wars armor is made of toffee flavored hard candy. As for flying, see my point about still falling into the death pit.

    • buzzlefett

      Doesn’t Riddick have to wear some goofy goggles just so he can see during the day because of the way his pupils are always so large? What will happen the first time Boba Fett sets off a flash grenade? And Riddick won’t be able to hide until nightfall because Boba would find him in infrared or one of his other half a dozen optional HUD displays.

      Lastly, Boba Fett is 10 times better than his “father” could ever hope to be.

    • ezod


      Night has fallen. Fett has expended the bulk of his arsenal. The northeast corner of the building has collapsed. He walks in, expecting to see his prey sprawled on the ground. There was no way he didn’t get clipped! But he’s nowhere to be found. He stands, cautiously scanning the area.

      “Are you afraid of the dark?” says a deep, baritone voice. His heart begins to beat fast, a big purple beacon to Riddick. “I’m not,” comes the voice again, from a completely different place. Fett fires a blaster shot and some rubble tumbles down. “The dark’s afraid of me.”

      Fett’s reflexes are such that, when the figure emerges from the shadows, he has plenty of time to turn around and see himself relieved of his rifle by Riddick’s right hand and relieved of his bowels by the shiv in his left. The last thing he sees is a pair of silver eyes, staying precisely three inches from his face as he slowly collapses.