Pimp My Cap?

Captain Chrome?

Like you didn’t know this was coming!

A new Captain America makes his debut in Captain America #34 which is solicited for January 2008. Looks like he stopped by Galpin Auto Sports to get a new coat of chrome before hitting the streets.

Although I really like Alex Ross’s redesign on the costume, one huge thing stands out. Captain’s got a gun. This is no Cap of mine! Steve never carried a gun, even when the Super Soldier serum was wearing off. Captain America would never take the easy way and it doesn’t get much easier than pulling a trigger.

I know, we’re not supposed to judge a character by his costume, but this gun thing does not bode well. No good can come from the spirit of America carrying a piece. I don’t care if this isn’t a kinder or gentler world. My Captain America would have found a better way. Even if it’s not Steve, my Captain would have found a better way.

Ignore the gun while you peep at these wonderful sketches by Alex Ross. Sometimes I feel his sketch work has more life to it than his finished pieces. I’d love to see Ross do an entire book in pencil.

Captain Chrome Sketches