Max Graham vs. Yes – Owner of a Lonely Heart

Found this while searching for some Yes.

While the remix is nothing all that interesting, the video is cute, bordering sweet. These kids are absolute genius! Yes yes, there’s a little objectification going on. No one would mistake this for a women’s lib public service announcement. But it’s really cute. And I can’t see anyone getting too offended.

However, this next video takes a similar concept, ladies shaking their groove thangs, and takes it to a totally salacious and raunchy level (no nudity, but possibly NSFW).

A few questions. Is it the kids that make the first video seem less sexist? If the ladies in the bikinis were doing “aerobics” moves instead of just bad dancing, would the first video still seem as innocent? If the guy in the second video was replaced by the kids would the producers be arrested for child porn?

And can you think of any better way to advertise power tools? Again, you might not want to watch this in front of your boss.