Super Geek Wars: Logan vs. Manji

No voice over for today because really, there’s not much to say. Both are, for all intents and purposes, immortal. Logan’s healing factor ensures that short of a tactical nuke, you’re not killing him. And Manji’s blood worms ensure that he’ll be around long after Rin is a great great great grandma. Both are vicious when it comes to a brawl and both are willing to maim and kill because that’s just the way they are. Logan has a slight advantage with his Adamantium skeleton and blades. No matter how many times Japanese steel is folded, it can’t cut through Adamantium. Logan can smash pretty much anything that Manji is carrying. Still, I think this is a pretty fair fight.

You know the drill! Who’s immortality reigns supreme?

Super Geek Wars: Logan vs. Manji

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Winner: LOGAN chunliwin.gif