Captain Puerto Rico?

Captain Chrome?

To the untrained eye, Cap’s new chromed out costume is a stylized version of Old Glory. In fact, Cap’s new costume is actually inspired by the flag of Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rican Flag

I for one am bursting with pride that our new Cap has chosen to represent Puerto Rico as he fights for truth, justice, and the American way! For far too long, Puerto Rico has been ignored by the comics community at large. It’s high time comic geekdom paid attention to our little common wealth. I salute you new shiny Captain America!

[Via Occasional Superheroine via Comics Should Be Good]

  • Ajanhelendam

    Thx for pointing that out. That’s just too awesome lol. He’s fighting for the Commonwealth!

  • Onezumi


  • BAMikeyD

    I wasn’t aware that the Puerto Rican flag had 3 stars in it’s field, since the blue field is unbroken and extends to his shoulders. I’d say this is a bit of a reach.

  • BAMikeyD

    P.S. I still hate the new Sword toting, gun packing Capt that seems to have invade the comic world by storm.

  • D-W

    At first glance one wouldn’t notice the two smaller stars on his shoulders and probably just focus on the big one in front and all that shiny shininess. If they use the resemblance as a joke when they introduce this new Capt, I might actually be interested in reading it, lol.

  • Bartoneus

    My question is: why do people still care? They brought bucky back…shouldn’t everything afterward be pure hell anyway?

  • Jami

    I wasn’t a fan of them killing him off in the first place. I’m certainly not a fan of them bringing him back MORE XTREME CAPTAIN AMERICA. I don’t know who this is targeted at. Certainly it’s not old farts like me. But I’m also certain that something like this won’t attract new readers either.