Lana Lang Enters the Street Fighter Ring

Chun-Li Lang

For some reason, I have less of a problem with the notion of Kristin Kreuk playing Chun-Li than I do with Jessica Biel. Kreuk is at least half Chinese. Of course, the big irony here is that Asians are usually cast to stereotype in these big budget films. Asians are either martial artists, tech wizards, triads, yakuza, or if you’re an Asian woman, some sort of prostitute/hoochie/dragon lady.

This new Street Fighter flick could use a fresh face. I think Kreuk would be a good choice to sort of break her out of the Lana Lang mode. Of course, Zhang Ziyi would be an excellent choice. Grace Park would be good, too! Hot Cylon chop socky action! A newcomer would also be a welcome choice. If the star is the main draw rather than the character, we won’t really be getting a Street Fighter movie, just some starlet dressed up in a cute dress. We’ll see if this rumor pans out, but I think I could support Kreuk as Chun-Li.

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