AZM Intro Pencil Test

A very rough pencil test of the AZM Vlog intro all painfully drawn and animated by your’s truly. Click on the image for the vid.

[flv:/video/azmTitleTest1.flv /video/azmTitlePoster1.jpg 480 360]

Hibiki or I guess Todoroki rocking out is close to finished. Ultraman has some lineart that I can deal with. The others are quite rough. I think I’m going to have Godzilla munching on a train. The last scene will be Sho Nuff yelling “MASTAH!!” I want to try to have this close to finished fairly soon to coincide with something really cool that might be happening on the vlog, but I’ll have to keep it hush hush for now. After this is done, on to Monster Cutie which will be 30 seconds of animation hell!

Oh, I used Flash for the animation. It’s all key framed by hand. No tweens or objects save for the background behind Todoroki. All the characters will be hand keyed (hand animated). I’ll probably fudge the backgrounds with tweens and patterns and other happy stuff. Enjoy!