Amsterdam Falafel Shop

Falafel Attack

Hiding underneath the beats, fried cauliflower, onions, pickles, minced jalapeño, minced garlic and cilantro, and tahini sauce hides the best falafel you will find in the Washington, D.C. area. A few bites later and the falafely goodness is revealed!

Falafel Revealed

Amsterdam Falafel Shop is nestled in the heart of Adams Morgan at 2425 18th Street NW, a few doors down from Madams Organ, a blues bar that features nightly live music. They’re open seven days a week until Midnight on Sundays and Mondays, 2:30am Tuesdays and Wednesday, 3:00am on Thursdays, and 4:00am on Fridays and Saturdays.

You can get falafel pretty much anywhere in the Metro D.C. area, but this is the only place in town that specializes specifically in falafel. It’s deceptively simple. A small order comes with three falafel balls, a large order with six (get the large. The small will just make you hungry for more). Once you pick up your sandwich, the fun begins. The toppings bar includes about a dozen or more yummy things for you to stuff into your pita along with your falafel. Many are Middle Eastern salad type fair along with various pickled items and wonderful sauces. Make sure to pile them high. Every bite must have some new tasty treat waiting for you. Don’t forget to get a nice big cup of the garlic mayonnaise. It goes perfectly with their double fried fries.

There are no forks or spoons or any kind of plastic ware so you’ll have to eat with your hands and make sure you have plenty of napkins in the near vicinity. It gets messy. But nothing beats a late night falafel with toppings to the sky. It’s the perfect drunken after clubbing snack. You carnivores out there won’t even notice that there’s no meat. You veggie heads will want to make this place a weekly stop. Imagine the best falafel you’ve ever had getting kicked up to notches you’ve never tasted before!

The owners have opened a hot dog joint across the street with a similar toppings bar, but thus far, every review we’ve read and every person we know who’s been there hasn’t been all that impressed. However, everyone agrees that they do falafel damn well.

You might want to brave driving in the district to get there unless you really like walking. Sure, there’s a Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan metro stop, but it’s much closer to the zoo than it is to Adams Morgan. YOu have to walk across a bridge to get into Adams Morgan. It’s not that bad when the weather is nice, but this time of year, better to brave the traffic. Maybe if some of you make it out to Katsucon we can take a falafel field trip! Bring lots of warm clothes!

[Via Amsterdam Falafel Shop]