December 2007

Naomi Watts Goes to the Birds

Naomi vs Bird

Reader Paul Jang pointed me to this horrifying article that details a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds set to be released in 2009. The remake is rumored to be directed by none other than Michael “Boom Boom” Bay and set to star Naomi Watts as Melanie Daniels.

For the love of… I mean I like me some Naomi Watts just fine. She made both Ring remakes watchable and she was quite enjoyable in that giant ape movie. I almost expect something like this from Bay but there’s got to be something better for her out there than this ill conceived remake. Yuck.

Thanks for the link, Paul.

AZM Intro Pencil Test

A very rough pencil test of the AZM Vlog intro all painfully drawn and animated by your’s truly. Click on the image for the vid.

[flv:/video/azmTitleTest1.flv /video/azmTitlePoster1.jpg 480 360]

Hibiki or I guess Todoroki rocking out is close to finished. Ultraman has some lineart that I can deal with. The others are quite rough. I think I’m going to have Godzilla munching on a train. The last scene will be Sho Nuff yelling “MASTAH!!” I want to try to have this close to finished fairly soon to coincide with something really cool that might be happening on the vlog, but I’ll have to keep it hush hush for now. After this is done, on to Monster Cutie which will be 30 seconds of animation hell!

Oh, I used Flash for the animation. It’s all key framed by hand. No tweens or objects save for the background behind Todoroki. All the characters will be hand keyed (hand animated). I’ll probably fudge the backgrounds with tweens and patterns and other happy stuff. Enjoy!

Painting Textures in ZBrush 3

Been a while since I’ve posted a tutorial. Scott Spencer demonstrates how to paint a texture directly on a 3D mesh in ZBrush.

Online Videos by

He starts off with some very saturated basic colors, red, yellow, and blue. The red is used for the nose, cheeks, lips, eyelids, ears, and other parts of the skin where light would absorb into the epidermal surface and scatter. The yellow is used for areas that might reflect more light like the forehead and clavicles. The blue is for areas where shadows would collect in places like the inner eye socket, the neck, and parts of the neck. He then goes over the entire mesh with a small white brush with low opacity to sort of vein it all up. Then he blends it all together using a flesh tone again at a low opacity to blend the colors into the skin to give it color variation, depth, and the illusion of light bouncing off muscle tissue and veins.

As I was watching this truly inspiring time lapse video, I thought it might be fun to try this same technique on a 2D digital painting. I’ll have to give this a try sometime. Even if you’re not a 3D artist, this is a great video tutorial.

[Via Scott Spencer]

Etsy Color Search

Okay, so I guess ImageSearch isn’t so amazing in light of this Etsy :: Colors search they got going on. Just click a color and Etsy searches for items that match the color hue you have chosen.

Look at this cute sad Octopus I found!

Sad Octopus

[Via Etsy]

ImageSorter Searches Porn by Color


Let’s say you have gigs and gigs of porn images on your machine and you’re looking for a specific one. You don’t remember what you called it, but you sort of remember the colors in said porn image. Well, now you can fire up ImageSorter, a freeware application from Mensch-Maschine-Kommunikation for OSX and Windows, clicky clicky, and your images are sorted according to color.

Using a purely visual paradigm to search through images seems like it would be immensely useful for wanking digital artists who may not be as rigorous as they should be when naming documents. I think a combination of visual and contextual search is not too far off and is probably where the future of search lies, at least regarding porn image documents.

Looks like Mensch-Maschine-Kommunikation also has a free 3D modeler, photo repair program, and some kind of video/audio organizer. My one semester of German isn’t good enough to understand what’s on the site so please forgive me if I’m utterly incorrect.

[Via Lifehacker via Mensch-Maschine-Kommunikation]

Transformers Animated Podcast

You know, as opposed to… um… not animated.

[flv:/video/transformersAnimated.flv 550 366]

Well, I don’t have cable anymore so I missed the premier and will probably miss it again when it airs in January.

The designs I’ll have to get used to. If I pretend that I’ve never seen Transformers ever, they’re really not so bad. They’re much more fluid than one would expect from a big bot and a nice departure from the blocky look typical of the latest Transformer designs. Bumblebee is quite cute, that green tank guy looks like a beefy badass, and some fool gave Megs some kind of robot steroids. I also dig that aren’t puny humans in this clips which makes me believe that the new show will focus on the bots and not their puny human sidekicks. It’s also nice to see hand drawn robots again. I love my cell shaded CG as much as the next fool, but the hand animated look is ironically refreshing. Pluses all there.

Can’t stand the remix of the theme.

I expected to really hate this, but I’m kind of meh at this point. Having only the preview to judge, that’s probably not a very accurate assessment. Anyone out there have a more informed opinion?

[Via Cartoon Network]

Cylon Rider Teaser

Just take a look at that front grill and tell me you don’t see Cylon! They’ve found us!

Cylon Rider

[Via Knight Rider Online]

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