American Gladiators Brother!

American Gladiators

Did you all catch American Gladiators last night? You can watch the premier online if you missed it.

Mayhem and Helga were my two favorites from just watching all the promo stuff (Mayhem case he’s manly enough to wear a belly shirt and Helga because she’s a fucking rock of a woman), but when I actually saw them perform last night, they both did the worst. Mayhem completely botched both of his Joust rounds and Helga let both women get by her in the Gauntlet. I hope they do better tonight. I was really impressed with Fury and Titan. Although Fury failed to knock down both women in the Hang Tough event, I really liked her technique of just latching on to the contestant mid air. I expect to see future contestants falling to her jutsu. Titan killed it! I thought he’d be a lame pretty boy, but he’s awesome! Completely dominated his opponent on the Pyramid.

My one complaint is that the show’s regular time slot is Monday nights. I checked the schedule and NBC is running some lame award show next Sunday. I was really hoping to make this a weekly event and invite people over for grub and gladiators on the weekend. That’s a little harder to do on Monday nights especially since we usually have things scheduled. I’m hoping they do replays on Sunday night or something like that so we can make an event of it.

Either way, I really enjoyed the show. It’s great fun for some mindless entertainment. Oh, and you can play a drinking game with Hogan. Every time he says “brother,” take a swig. You’ll be bombed within one contestant interview!