Certified Mighty – Jade Gordon

Jade Gordon

Name and/or Alias: Jade Gordon

Occupation: Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Website/blog: http://jadaze.comicgenesis.com, http://jadegordon.deviantart.com/

Top five favorite movies: Serenity, Garden State, Galaxy Quest, Under the Cherry Moon, Tootsie

Worst movie you’ve ever seen, ever: Pay it Forward

Best shitty movie you’ve ever seen: Revenge

If you were forced to make a remake of a classic film or 80’s property, what would you pick? Big… oh wait, that was what 13 Going on 30 was. Hmm.

Where do you prefer to watch your movies, IMAX, theater, computer, television, or iPod? Theater, TV

Favorite movie moment: It’s terrible, but Wash’s death in Serenity. The only moment in all movie-dom I never saw coming, and was emotionally truly moved by.

Top five favorite comics/webcomics: She-Hulk, Spider Man, Penny Arcade, Copper, 3 Panel Soul

Comic/webcomic you’d like to see as a movie: American Elf

Favorite artist: http://www.audrey-kawasaki.com/

Favorite writer: Anchee Min

What’s worse, Clone Wars or One More Day? I have seen neither!!

Floppies, trade paper backs, digital downloads, or webcomics? All of thee above, please.

Favorite comic moment: Everything in the first few novels of Elf Quest.

Mac or PC? PC.

Henshin device: Something feline…?

Battle cry: I’ll go with quoting Richard from LFG : “For Pony!!”

Mighty finisher: Head Gnawing?

How did you discover the Angry Zen Master? I can’t recall… I only remember first coming here for the really fun comics.

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