Angry Toy Reviews – Kamen Rider Kubrick and HCM Pro Hi-Nu Gundam

This is pretty exciting! Got a new format for the vlog complete with intro and outro. HobbyLink Japan sent over a couple of toys for me to review, the Souchaku Henshin x Kubrick gashapon trading figures and the HCM Pro Hi-Nu Gundam. You can purchase them directly from HLJ:

Next Wednesday, I’ll be making an announcement for our first Angry Zen Master giveaway contest where you can win the full set of Souchaku Henshin x Kubrick Kamen Rider gasphapon trading figures!

CORRECTIONS: It’s HobbyLink Japan with no space between the Hobby and Link. I’ll correct that on the video when I get back home. Also, the Kamen Rider Kubricks are trading figures, not gashapon as I said on the review. Gashapon come in capsules. Trading figures come in blind boxes.