Cheetos Commercial Makes Me Think Twice About Ever Buying Cheetos


I’m a feared. This appears to be a new advertising campaign from the folks at Cheetos. I suppose it’s successful in some way because I’m writing about it now. But I have to wonder about some of these.

In this one, Chester appears to a woman who has used most of the washers in a laundry mat and convinces her to do something quite asinine.

In this one, two youths fill a helpless car with Cheetos.

This is apparently the work of the Orange Underground and this is their manifesto.

Okay, that last one was pretty damn funny.

And now, you too can participate in the Orange Underground. Much like Fight Club, the Cheetos people will give you missions to perform random acts of orange idiocy and upload them shits to YouTube.

When corporate America gets its hands on viral marketing, the results are usually painful to witness. These spots would probably more effective if they left out the tag at the end of the commercial. Chester is one of the most recognizable mascots. There would be no question why he’s there. But leaving off the tag at the end would spark that much more mystery and encourage the curious to seek out more online. Okay, so it worked in my case because now I’ve shared it all with you. But I wonder if I might not be an exception. I suspect most bloggers will just ignore this as yet another attempt by corporate America to artificially engineer something that normally spreads by accident.

Anyway, I propose that you film yourself putting Mentos up your nose instead. They’re not made for you schnoz and it’ll be much more amusing to see big snotty Mentos up your face.