South Park Studios Delivers Full Uncensored Free Episodes

South Park Studios

South Park got its big break from the internet so it only makes sense that it return to the internet in a big way. South Park Studios allows users to view uncensored versions of every episode of South Park from every season. Of course, there are commercials embedded in the stream just like Hulu. But there’s inevitably going to be some form of advertising in any free streaming television so that’s not too much of a bother.

What does suck is that those outside the U.S. will not, like Hulu, be able to watch anything on South Part Studios. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before Hulu, SPS, and future online television streamers figure out the international licenses. This is too cool not to share with the world!

UPDATE: One of our commenters, Djorbas, has confirmed you can access South Park Studios from Switzerland. Sounds like they have some sort of selective international license. Okay, so we know Canada and Australia are out. Who else can access SPS?

UPDATE 2: UK is out but Germany is in.

UPDATE 3: South Korea is in!

[Via South Park Studios]