Baltar Has a Harem!

Apparently, the one true God keeps a bucket of hot chicks lying around so he can throw them at Baltar to convince him of God’s awesomeness. None can resist divine fun bag attack!

If you’re not in the U.S. you might not be able to watch the stream so I’ll keep the spoiler discussion behind the tag. Suffice it say, I’m really happy Hulu has this season and I’m so excited to see more!

Okay, now that they’ve teased the living fuck out of us, let’s try to figure out who this fifth Cylon is.

Captain Obvious points to Starbuck, but I’m thinking that’s a bit too obvious. I’m going to guess President Laura Roslin because of her visions which would also implicate harem boy Baltar. But I think he’s off the hook.

So, is Kara a bucket or a human or something else entirely? And if she’s not the fifth, who is?