Gundam Angry Face Contest

HCM PRO SP RX 79  Gundam

It’s April 15 and boy does it suck! Let’s see if we can’t use your pent up rage for the forces of awesome!

Would you like to win the 1/200 HCM Pro “Military” RX-79(G) Gundam Special Painted that I reviewed back in March? Grab a camera, put on your angriest face, get someone to snap a pic, and send it to with “Angry Face Contest” in the subject. Send me your angry face photo by midnight EST April 22. A panel of expert judges will grade your photo on level of anger and creativity. Depending on the number of entries we receive, we will announce the winner by April 25. We’ll ship the review copy of the RX-79 to anywhere in the world!

One entry per person. No digital manipulation is permitted (color correction is okay, but no Photoshoping your head onto someone else’s body or any mess like that). We are looking for anger and creativity, not necessarily quality, so camera phones should be fine. If we can’t tell what the frak is going on or can’t see your face, obviously it’s going to make it difficult to judge. Oh, and no group shots.

By entering, you give me permission to post your picture. Other than that, you retain the rights to your photo.

Um… that’s all the legal mumbo jumbo I came up with. So grab that camera and get to snapping!