Angry Face Contest Inspiration

I sense some confusion with the current Gundam Angry Face Contest. Either confusion or you don’t want the Gundam which I refuse to believe because it is covered in AWESOME SAUCE! So I thought I’d post some movie photos that I think illustrate what we’re looking for.

Angry Pete

First up is our friendly neighborhood. This face says not only am I pissed off, but I’m ready to spit spider venom in your eye!

Angry Sparta

Next we have our angry friend Leonidas. This is the face of anger and sexual confusion!

Angry Bruce

Finally, no one does ass kicking angry face quite like Bruce Lee. This face says I’m pissed and I’m gonna kick the ever loving shit out of you! WAASAAAAAAH!

Hopefully, this trio of anger has inspired you to new heights of, um, angerness! If you’ve got an awesome angry face and want to win yourself an awesome Gundam, send your photo to