One Million to Stop Uwe Boll

Uwe Says Fuck You

In an offhand comment in an interview with FEARnet, Uwe Boll said that if a petition to stop him from making more movies was signed by one million people, he would quit. As of this writing, the petition has 203,817 signatures.

On the one hand, nothing would please me more than to see an end to Uwe Boll’s directing career. On the other hand, an end to shitty Uwe Boll movies means an end to blog posts complaining about shitty Uwe Boll movies. And the sad truth is, some equally or more so useless hack will just take Uwe’s place. So what’s worse, the hack you know or the hack you don’t?

I’m a little surprised the petition hasn’t come close to the million mark. Where are all these people who hate his movies? Maybe it’s the Chipmunk thing again. Maybe the internet doesn’t know shit. Maybe there are people who actually look forward to the next Uwe Boll creation. Maybe he’s not as hated as we think he is.

Or maybe the internet is just lazy.

Thanks to reader Kevin Bahrt for the tip.

[Via FEARnet and GU Comics]