Obi Wan Can Whittle A Beard With His Lightsaber

Clone Wars Obi Wan

So here are some photos of this summer’s Clone Wars. Good news, it’s not directed by Georgy boy. Bully. I’m somewhat unsure of the style. I saw a trailer with the characters in action, but it was taken down before I could link it up. In some ways, I kind of like it. Though it looks like Obi Wan is wearing a fun piece of folk art wood carving for a beard, this is a decent translation of the animated series style (the Might questionnaire is supposed to ask which is worse, the Clone Saga or One More Day, not Clone Wars. DOH!).

Clon Wars Anakin

Here’s emo boy Skywalker. Can’t they tell he’s got evil tendencies by now? Those aren’t the eyes of the chosen one. Those are the eyes of a Sandpeople murderer!

Clone Wars

Apparently, when you become a Sith Jedi, your skin goes bad and you loose your hair. Well, except for Duku. But I suspect he wears a wig.

I hope some of the other Jedi get more face time. We know Obi Wan, Anakin, Mace, Yoda. I’d like to see more than just a cameo or two from some of the other Jedi. Also, I thought this was going to be on TV, but according to the blurb in Empire, sounds like it’s headed to theaters.

So Star Wars fans, does this reek of awesome or does this make you cry?

[Via Empire]