Gundam OO Is a Ninja

At some point I’m going to actually watch this show, but for now, I’m satisfied with watching Exia ninja its way through mobile suit after mobile suit. Reader Kevin Bahrt tells me that the red one is Gundam Throne Unit-2 Zwei. I thought he might be this series’ Red Comet, but apparently, the Thrones get horribly pwned.

Even as a U.C. purest, I think this looks like a lot of fun. Sacrilege, I know. G Fighter Gundam was sort of like Gundam’s Dragon Ball Z. Gundam OO seems a lot like Gundam’s Street Fighter. Much faster paced fighting than G Fighter. I’m kind of curious to know if they use any CG for the mobile suits.

Thanks to Kevin Bahrt for sending along hawt Gundam on Gundam action!