Harvet Dent’s Hidden Face

[flv:http://www.angryzenmaster.com/video/darkKnightSerious.flv http://www.angryzenmaster.com/video/darkKnightSerious.jpg 550 234]

We saw this trailer at our screening of Iron Man and I totally missed a gigantic reveal until reader Tyler Anderson sent along this screen shot:

Two Face

Click on that bad boy and you’ll see some disfiguration on the left side of Harvey’s face. Earlier in the preview we can see Harvey’s left side being doused in what appears to be gasoline.

You don’t need to activate your nerd powers to figure this one out. It’s clear that Harvey will live long enough to become the villain.

Coming off the nerd high of Iron Man, Dark Knight will ruin my pants for a good few months. Must. Buy. New. Pants!