Live Action Tekken Movie Full of Sexy Man Meat

Marshall Law

Reader Epoch9 sent over casting news of the live-action movie adaptation of Tekken. Pictured above is Cung Le as Marshall Law. This photo demonstrates that this movie will be full of what I like to call the sexy man meats. Like most gaming adaptations, I strongly suspect that Tekken will lack another thing I like to call plot. But at least they didn’t cast Jean Claud Van Dam (who will dance for you BTW) as Marshall Law. Actually, the cast seems to be fairly diverse reflecting the ethnic make up of the game. Kudos for that.

I am encouraged by this highlight reel of Jon Foo who will portray Jin Kazama. Observe the skillz.

Promising, very promising. I predict amazing chop socky goodness with a dash of plot light. That’s probably a good thing. Cause really, you don’t play Tekken or see a chop socky flick for deep character development. You’re in it for the righteous pummeling.

Thanks for the sexyness Epoch9. I think this will do much better than Dead or Alive. Blech.

[Via SDTekken]