Chun Lana Li Worried That Internet Geeks Will Complain

Chun Lana Li

The expression on poor Kristin Kreuk’s mug says, “Oh please, don’t let the interwebs hate me.” Have no fear Kristin. We here at AZM support you in your portrayal of Chun Li in the upcoming Street Fighter flick. We appreciate that you’re at least half Chinese and will be doubly impressed if you manage some of your own stunts. And we’re certainly looking forward to your “Spinning Star Kick” than we are Justin Chatwin’s Kame Hame Huh.

Reader Bonzai Rob pointed out Kristin’s spinning bird necklace. It’s not too much a leap to speculate that it’s a present from her dad and the inspiration for the Spinning Star Kick.

Thanks to Bonzai Rob for the pic.

CORRECTION: Mr. D in the comments points out that it’s Spinning Bird Kick, not Spinning Star Kick. The necklace makes even more sense now! All these friggin years and I’ve always heard Spinning Star Kick. Ah well.

[Via Capcom US]