Witchblade Gone Wild


There’s no doubt about it. The Witchblade makes awful winter wear.

As if the tentacle rape anime/manga version wasn’t shitty enough (she pulls the thing out from her vagina!), Platinum Studios is bringing Top Cow’s Witchblade to the big screen in 2009.

I quite liked the television series. It was an intelligent dark detective series and star Yancy Butler even managed to keep all of her clothes on. I liked Yancy as Sara and wanted to see how the character would evolve over a few seasons. Sadly, we only got two.

While the television series focused on the mystery of the Witchblade and how it affected Sara with a healthy dose of cop drama, from this teaser poster we can surmize that the live action film will feature Sara’s bare ass and a spiky metal glove. Ugh.

If Vivid were making Witchblade, this poster would rank as one of their most tasteful. I think Sara deserves better. If you’re going to pretend that your property is more than just a skin rag, Sara deserves to be treated with respect. Yes, we know she’s hot, but that shouldn’t be the only draw to her film. Far better to just feature the Witchblade itself against a dark background. If it turns out that your property really isn’t much more than skin rag, let Vivid make the damn movie. They know nekkid.

[Via Witchblade 2009 and Platinum Studios]