Blur Studio’s A Gentlemen’s Duel

Not sure how long this will be up, but AZM regular Kevin Bahrt dug up Blur Studio’s short film, A Gentlemen’s Duel. Blur is an effects and animation studio that has amassed quite an impressive portfolio including work on this year’s Super Bowl and the Transformers video game. In their spare time, they make awesome short films. This one in particular is full of the awesome because it features giant steam punk robots beating the shit out of each other!

Oh, and there be jiggly boobies. If you’ve got kiddies, you should screen this first before showing it to them. Some parents may object to boobies and implied sex (butler FTW). Others may not. The kids, to be sure, will probably be more impressed with the giant fuck robots anyway.

You can purchase a full resolution widescreen version of A Gentlemen’s Duel for $1.99 or rent it for $.99 over at iTunes.

[Via Blur Studio]