Raiders Writer Writes Robotech

Rick Hunter

Reader Ted O’Hanlan sent along news that Lawrence Kasdan will be writing the live action feature film adaptation of Robotech. Among Kasdan’s writing credits are The Big Chill, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Return of the Jedi which all kick quite a lot of ass at the box office and have remained fan favorites for years (well, some liked Jedi less than others, but it certainly kicks the shit out of the prequels). Now I’m slightly less worried that Toby McGuire’s production of Robotech will suck.

Things to hope for.

  • Stick with the Macross saga. Essentially, you’d really be making a live action Macross movie, but that’s the segment most people remember best.
  • Protoculture as the first culture rather than an energy source. This is probably too much to hope for, but it’s perfect territory to cover in a film.
  • Stick with the original mechanical designs. Sure, tweak them up for live action, but I don’t want to see some tinker-toy from hell bots like we got with Transformers. Just because you have an effects budget doesn’t mean your transformation sequences have to induce epileptic seizures every time we see them.
  • Cast someone who can sing for Minmay. I don’t even care if she’s Asian. Well, I guess I kind of do, but it’s far more important that she be able to sing.

I’m kind of curious who they have on their short lists for casting. I would so love to see J.K. Simmons (J. Jonah Jamison from the Spidey flicks) as Captain Glovel. That would make me smile on the inside. Maggie Q would be fun as Lisa Hayes, but then again, I want to see Maggie Q in more movies in general. Michael Clarke Duncan should totally be Boldoza! He’s got that deep, booming, menacing voice. The bridge bunnies could be anyone. Toby will probably want to be Rick. Nathan Fillion would be brilliant as Roy. Doesn’t quite match the character design, but I think he’s got the temperament to play an old war hero. I don’t know if she can sing, but Michelle Krusiec would be a decent Minmay. I loved her in Saving Face. Steve Buscemi is perfect for Exador. No ideas for Claudia or Bretai or Max for that matter. I think when we start getting some casting news and see some production shots, then we can decide whether to picket or buy tickets.

Thanks for the heads up, Ted. Here’s hoping for the best.

UPDATE: OH! Forget Lisa, I totally want Maggie Q as Miria!

[Via Hollywood Reporter by way of Cinematical]