Armored Trans Kamen Rider Kiva and HCM Pro Gundam Deathscythe Review

Okay Winger fans! This week I got my hands on Bandai’s HCM Pro 1/220 scale Gundam Deathscythe! And there’s some Kiva action in there, too. As always you can purchase Deathscythe and Kiva from HobbyLink Japan.

Oh, I forgot to mention the action base for the Deathscythe. It’s a clear plastic platform with a clear plastic ramp that you can snap one foot into. With one foot stationary, it kind of looks like a ballerina of DOOM. Deathscythe is flexible enough to get some really dynamic running poses or swiping poses with the scythe. Very nice display piece.

Uploaded this one directly from iMovie 08 to YouTube. I’m not happy that iMovie 06 has features that 08 doesn’t, namely time remapping and some of the effects, but one-click uploading is quite nice. Although the ones I compress myself turn out fairly decently. I’ll keep mucking with things.

Thanks once again to HobbyLink Japan for the hook up. And be sure to check their latest podcast where Scott interviews Bandai’s Katsumi Kawaguchi about the MG Gundam ver. 2.0. Good god, I’m going to have to start building kits again!