Drawing Lines With Jamie

Oh look!  A panda!
Look! It’s a panda!

I’ve started up an illustration tutorial blog, Monster Cutie, and I’ve posted my first tutorial, Reading Between the Lines. It’s a fairly basic discussion of effective line use. Beginner stuff, but you gotta start somewhere. I’m hoping to post one tutorial per week and gradually add additional content during the week once I get settled. It takes a lot longer to write up these tutorials than my typical blogging schlock so expect the Monster Cutie to grow slowly.

If you notice the blogroll, I’ve scrapped Furious Hypocrite and Unrepentant Hate Machine. Political blogging really effected my daily mood very negatively and finding things to hate on wasn’t helping much either. I might resurrect them somewhere down the line, but for now, they’re offline.

Anyway, enjoy and please share. And if you have question or suggestions, feel free to hit me up as always.

[Via Monster Cutie]