Prince Nuada Says Tekken Will be Faithful to Video Game


Luke Goss, Prince Nuada from Hellboy II, says that the Tekken movie will be a faithful interpretation of the source material.

The same producers were very adamant to make sure that the characters that were in the game translated quite literally to the movie — visually and everything. Their fight styles were studied and the way they looked, the producers wanted people that looked similar to the actual characters in the game. They understood that genre fans and game fans would want that. I think they did a good job.

Prince Nuada has spoken. So shall it be done.

Goss plays Steve Fox which means nothing to me since I’ve only played the games a few times in the arcade. That early snap shot we got of Marshall Law really impressed me. Seems like they really are trying to stay faithful. I’m actually kind of interested to see which version of Yoshimitsu will show up if he shows up. He seems like he’d be a really fun character to play. “Okay, here’s your motivation. You’re an insane dead samurai who uses his katana as a pogo stick and scream incoherently as he attacks. And… scene!”

Oh, and I want to see a giant panda fight!

[Via MTV Movie Blog]