Tyrese Brings Sexy to Thundercats

Sexy Tyrese

“The thunder is my penis.”

Sorry, couldn’t resist the Dr. Horrible joke.

At a press junket for Death Race, Tyrese revealed that he’s been heavily involved in the Thundercats movie adaptation. That’s about it. No word on what character he’d play or if it’s still going to be a CG feature as Warner Brothers announced last year. So let’s turn on the internet speculation machine.

I think if it’s going to be Beowulf style CG where the models are based on the actors (well, except for Beowulf), Tyrese would make quite the awesome Panthro or Mumra. You know, I think he’d make a decent Lion-O as well. If he’s just providing voice acting, really anyone would work.

I’m not sure I’m entirely looking forward to this movie. But I like Tyrese well enough. We’ll see.

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